Richie Zellon

Jazz Guitarist, Educator, Ethno-Musicologist

a phenomenal guitarist with a magical tone…

whose ideas are based on a mystical musical map

that doffs its proverbial hat to Jimi Hendrix

as much as it does to Miles Davis.”

-The Latin Jazz Network

Richie Zellon

Jazz Guitarist, Educator, Ethno-Musicologist

“The Bebop Guitar Improv Series” by Richie Zellon

3 Books & A Comprehensive 15 month Online Improvisation Course!

The Lesson Book

A step by step explanation of the most essential melodic, harmonic, & rhythmic elements that make up the bebop idiom, coupled with 27 jazz etudes demonstrating their application in order of gradual difficulty.

The Workbook

All the necessary exercises to develop the improvisational concepts introduced in the Lesson Book, in various harmonic contexts.

The Scale & Arpeggio Book

A detailed introduction to the Heptatonic System of Fingering Patterns. Features a thorough explanation of the use of vertical and horizontal fingerings when improvising over chord changes. Regular notation, tab and diagrams included.

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