The Nazca Lines_Richie Zellonfeat. George Garzone, Ignacio Berroa, Alex Acuña, Oscar Stagnaro, & Jose Luis Madueño

“A genuine marriage of Afro-Latin rhythms with the towering influences of Jimi Hendrix, Astor Piazzolla and Duke Ellington.”

Bill Milkowski -JazzTimes

“Creativity and experimentation are essential for the evolution and enrichment of jazz. That’s why we believe that Richie Zellon’s work is very important as well as timely during a period in which Latin jazz is beginning to display symptoms of stagnation rhythmically as well as harmonically.” 
-Latin Beat

“A demonstrated expert on the roots of rhythm, from the Dominican Republic to Argentina, Zellon offers compositions that are as educational as they are seductive and danceable.”
– Jazz Times

“Zellon deserves attention.” -Rhythm Music

“The Nazca Lines is an uncommonly ambitious effort that audaciously points Latin jazz in a new direction.”
-New York Latino

“He’s a guitarist to keep your eye on, playing a style of Jazz Guitar he shares with no one.” -Cadence

Listen to excerpts from “The Nazca Lines “

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