Metal Caribe_Richie Zellonfeat. David Liebman, Dave Samuels, Edward Simon, Jerry Bergonzi, Oscar Stagnaro, Richard Drexler, Orlando Sanchez & Alex Acuña


 “On a program that stretches the boundaries of Latin and jazz into tantalizing new contours, Richie Zellon has entered a zone where strikingly dissimilar rhythms from throughout the Americas blend magically with unanticipated melodic detours and buoyant jazz improvisations to create a dazzling new idiom.”

Mark Holston -Jazziz

“On Metal Caribe, Zellon produces his most well-travelled, seamless effort yet, illustrating the common threads in music and cultural experience through endlessly surprising compositions and arrangements.”


“…Zellon transcends the Cuban and/or Brazilian confines established by most Latin jazz practitioners.”
– Latin Beat

“Zellon makes a compelling case for Latin jazz as a new kind of international language on Metal Caribe.” -Hispanic

“If there is one contemporary musician who truly personifies the successful synthesis of the myriad pan-American genres into unconventional and compelling new forms, it is undoubtedly Lima, Peru-born guitarist, composer, and all around music alchemist Richie Zellon”